Covid Wedding Restrictions

As of September 28th 2020

I am offering consultations to those postponing, reducing or cancelling a wedding due to Covid 19 restrictions at 50% off, a low price of £25 for an hour consultation.

The Government announced yesterday the new restrictions for the next 6 months including ‘rule of 6’, face masks and amongst them, weddings.

I wanted to help make sense of these new wedding restrictions for anyone who needs it, as the advice given can be a little vague sometimes. I have gathered information from several different sites including the government website, do please gather your own information and research as well, but I have included below a link which I find has the most useful information overall.

The maximum number of people at a wedding ceremony and/or reception is now 15 (if socially distanced spacing allows). Those 15 people include: the bride and groom, officiant, guests and any suppliers that attend that are not employed by the venue or caterers.

The ceremony should be as short as possible, avoid singing (no hymns) and no food or drink to be consumed unless part of the rituals.

The venues should have social distancing measures in place, and they should not open if they cannot abide by the guidelines.

The reception must be a sit-down affair with table service by the venue/caterers, and there should be no dancing.

Here is a breakdown of what you can and cannot do:

  • You can have an indoor ceremony with up to 15 people in attendance
  • You can have an indoor singing/instrument performance by professionals as long as social distancing measures are adhered to, but they do count as part of your 15 attendees
  • You cannot allow any group singing such as hymns or any dancing
  • You can have a photographer or videographer, but they count as part of the 15 attendees
  • You can have food and drink at your reception, but guests must be seated and served by venue or catering staff (these staff do not count in your 15 attendees)
  • Attendees must wear face masks, the only exemptions being, the bride and groom, the officiant and anyone already medically exempt.

You may be entitled to refunds if you are having to cancel suppliers, but do check what you are entitled to, the link below explains a bit about financials.